Fishermans Shore Lunch

Start out with 8 to 10 medium size walleye filets. We all like battered or coated filets. I like to use different breading mixes. Italian bread crumbs is a favorite and lightly roll the filets in the crumbs. Season accordingly with your favorite seasonings – I like a lemon pepper seasoning with a dash of regular seasoned salt. Use a good quality oil – like canola or corn oil and make sure it is hot! Plain and simple leave the filets in until golden brown.

The specialty shorelunch wouldn’t be complete without my fried potatoes. With a separate skillet (and all of our cooking is done using “cast-iron” skillets) dice up potatoes, onions, red and green peppers and don’t forget some mushrooms. “Oh my” and then once done, lay 4 or 5 pieces of swiss cheese over the contents. Served up with a slice of french bread and a “cold-one”and this meal will fill any fisherman up! This meal will usually feed 3-4 hungry fisherman but cold-left-overs are great too!