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Though beer may have made Milwaukee famous, salmon has made Wisconsin’s largest city a favorite among anglers far and wide. Coho Salmon and Brown Trout are highly active around Milwaukee in the late spring, with Rainbow Trout action heating up around the beginning of summer. Summer is a great time for all species, while the fall brings river runs of Kings, Cohos, Browns, and Rainbows. Many charter captains operate out of the city’s marinas, who can help visitors find their favorite species, otherwise there’s plenty of transient docking for your own craft.

Back ashore, Milwaukee offers all the accommodations, dining options, and entertainments one would expect to find in a major American city. Lodgings range from five-star hotels to more economic motels, restaurants serve every cuisine imaginable – from Mexican to Thai to the city’s specialty, German –, and local museums, theaters, and parks offer recreation for the entire family. It’s enough to guarantee that your time off the water will be every bit as exciting as your time on it.

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Body of Water: Lake Michigan
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