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Fishing Leaders

Stealth Tackle manufacture and produce the highest quality fishing leaders on the market today! We use only the highest quality materials and components to provide you with the best leader possible. All of our leaders are made one at a time. They are hand tied, crimped, and glued for 100% security and reliability. Our leaders have been guide tested and tournament proven. Various lengths and sizes are available to fit all your fishing needs.

Leaders & Lures are American manufactured, hand crafted stainless steel and fluorocarbon fishing leaders are the #1 choice of many professionals and people who love to fish. Our leaders are made of the highest quality materials and are assembled by skilled personnel who have been trained to pay attention to detail.

We decided when we started to assemble leaders and lures that we’d specialize in only the best, the longest lasting for our customer’s dollar. The same is true for our Fittertails made from very flexible stainless steel materials. The Fittertails are used for Musky, Northern Pike, Walleye, Large and Smallmouth Bass

All of our hand crimped sleeves start with a specially designed American made hardened alloy sleeve. During the assembly process a special manufactured retaining compound is used to assure bonding of the sleeve to the leader. The sleeves are hand crimped to a very strict tolerance using a specially designed set of dies.

All stainless steel wire materials are manufactured to American Society and Testing Materials standards. We use a variety of Sampo, Rosco, and Premium Quality Swivels along with Tandem-Loc snaps and Stay-Loc snaps.

Fishing Reel Repair

Welcome Fisherman! Dave’s Reel Service is your source for repair since 1987. We service over 1000 reels a year. We specialize in Shimano, Daiwa, Abu-Garcia and Penn reels and stock parts for those reels. Complete cleaning and proper lubrication is our specialty that keeps our customers satisfied. Prompt and courteous service is waiting for you.

Mat’s Fishing Reel Repair and Fishing Reel Parts Service offers fishing reel cleaning and repair service, reel repairs and fishing reel parts for all makes and models of fishing reels including Abu Garcia, Shimano, Daiwa, Mitchell, Penn, Lew’s, and Zebco Quantum fishing reels and many others. We also can service most “Store Brand” fishing reels including Bass Pro Shops.

“Specialists in the Repair of Fishing Tackle and Electric Trolling Motors”

We specialize in the Repair and Maintenance of Musky Fishing Reels. With over 100,000 parts in stock we are able to do most repairs on major brand reels, including anti/reverse updates and speed conversions. Our only business is the repair sporting goods equipment, we have no retail sales, so our goal is to repair your reel not try to sell you a new one.

Stuart’s Fishing Reel Repair Service has been servicing and repairing fishing reels for over 25 years.

He specializes in custom reel tuning for Abu-Garcia, Diawa, Penn, Shimano, Bass Pro and other up and coming reel brands. We are also an Authorized Service Center for Zebco, Quantum, Rhino, Martin and Lews.

We guarantee our reel service for 90 days from the time you start fishing.

Fishing Rods

Introducing the new RP2 Tournament Series Custom Fishing Rods from the Winfield and Pilette Custom Rod Company. All of our rods are wrapped with high quality Shakespeare™ blanks that are double built with blank-through-handle construction. The RP2 Tournament Series uses only the finest components, featuring Pacific Bay cushioned reel seats and Pacific Bay stock ring guides. Our rods are constantly being field tested by Michigan’s Top Charter Captains, Tournament Fishing Professionals, and our own Field Staff who put these rods thru the paces to ensure your satisfaction.

At Shep’s Custom Rods our mission is simple – to provide beautifully crafted, superbly functional fishing rods. We build rods for Musky, Walleye, Salmon, Bass and Panfishing. Stop by our site to see truly custom made rods for many fishing applications!

Designed by Anglers, Ready For Fishing Action

Tooth Tamer Fishing Rods are a premium line of the finest freshwater fishing rods designed for the serious Muskie and Walleye angler. As anglers we know that people who enjoy the sport of fishing come to expect value and unmatched quality when purchasing a new fishing rod. Each and every Tooth Tamer Fishing Rod is designed to meet these specific requirements of the Muskie and Walleye fishing community.