Northern Pike Fishing Tips & Articles

Northern Pike Fishing Tips & Articles
Artwork provided by Rodd Umlauff

Northern Pike favorite habitats are in sluggish streams and shallow, weedy places in lakes, as well as in cold, clear, rocky waters. There found throughout the Northern Hemisphere including Europe and Russia, within North America there distribution is through out the Northern Plains, Central, Eastern States, Alaska and most of Canada.

Known as a ambush predator they lie in wait for prey, holding perfectly still for long periods and then exhibit remarkable acceleration as they strike. Northern Pike have a aggressive appetite it is quite common they feed on prey almost half the size of their body length. The world record Northern Pike is 55 pounds 1 ounce from Germany on Lake Grefeern in 1986.

Here are some northern pike tips and articles in helping you catch more fishing northern pike:

3 Spoon Technique for more Pike By Spence Petros
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Getting out-fished by someone in your boat is a humbling experience, but when that someone is a 13-year old, a jaw can get awful tight. At least I wasn’t alone, as his father was also experiencing the same luck as I was having… watching the youngster catch 3-4 pike to our one. I couldn’t figure it out.

Spring Pike Tactics By Andrew Klassen
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The northern pike is one of the most aggressive predators swimming in North American waters. Typically known for their aggressive nature, fast paced fight, and large size, they are an incredibly popular game fish, particularly in the Northern USA and Canada.

Although pike can be caught all year round on a variety of lures and presentations, one of the most exciting times to fish pike is immediately after ice out every spring. Compared to many other species, pike remain fairly active even in cold water. This, coupled with the fact that they have just finished spawning and are beginning to feed aggressively, makes them a terrific choice for an early spring target.