Smallmouth Bass Fishing Tips & Articles

Smallmouth Bass fishing tips & articles
Artwork provided by Rodd Umlauff

If your fishing Smallmouth Bass find cool clear water with a abundance of crayfish, and when you hook a Smallmouth be prepared for spectacular leaps and determined dives unrivaled among freshwater fish. Smallmouth Bass before the early 1900’s where found primarily in the Great Lakes and Eastern, Central States river systems. But over time they where introduced in Western and Northern States through stocking programs in natural lakes and rivers along with the highly successful introduction in Southern Canadian Shield clear, rocky, cool lakes and rivers. The world record is 10 pounds 14 ounces caught in Tennessee on Dale Hollow Reservoir in 1969.

Here are some smallmouth bass fishing tips and articles in helping you catch more fishing smallmouth bass.

Fish like a pro on a poormans budget By: Jim DaRosa
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One of the most frequent questions, I get asked by my clients….do I need to spend a lot of money on equipment to fish for smallmouth bass? The answer is a resounding NO! One of the reasons smallmouth bass fishing is gaining popularity is you don’t need to specialize your fishing equipment to catch smallmouth.


Pre-Spawn River Smallmouth Bass   By: Mike Mladenik
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People will often ask me when the best time on the calendar to catch big pre-spawn smallmouth is. My answer is from ice out through the first six weeks of the season. While that may not be the answer they want to hear, it is impossible to put a handle on the best time. Each year is different. One spring will have lots of warm stable weather and the next will see dramatic changes in the weather. However, by paying attention to the conditions and choosing the right type of water to fish you will increase your success.

Early Season Smallmouth  By: Mike Mladenik
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I cannot wait to get on the water for the Catch and Release Season for smallmouth bass! While pre-spawn may be an excellent period to catch a trophy, it can also be a tough bite. Locating big females is easy; catching them seldom is! Anglers need to take many variables into consideration, including water temperature, type of water you are fishing, and last, but not least, the weather. If you omit one of these key pieces of the puzzle, you’ll have limited success.

Early Season Smallmouth By Spence Petros
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At last the water temperature was right for smallmouths. After two days of fishing for walleyes and pike during a spring warm trend, the water temperature finally hit the magic 55° mark in the shallow bay near camp. As we slowly motored toward a sheltered section of shoreline along the north bank of a large sandy bay, I felt that the fishless areas of the last two days should now harbor cruising, hungry pre-spawn smallies ready to slam into our lures. My partner thought I was crazy, wondering how a shallow flat area that was barren of fish for several days, could suddenly come alive by having a water temperature increase of only a few degrees.

Early Season Bass Fishing: A Northwoods Gem!  By: Tom Dietz
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The waters around Eagle River, Phelps, Sayner, Conover, and Land O’ Lakes are famous for the excellent walleye and musky fishing opportunities. The smallmouth and largemouth bass fisheries in Vilas County are largely ignored by many anglers. I am here to tell you that the bass fishing in these areas is simply phenomenal! This article is intended to promote our wonderful bass fishery here in Vilas County and teach you how to catch them consistently in May and June.

Springtime Bass Fishing   By: Patricia Strutz
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Springtime bass angling is the perfect way to turn new anglers or your kids on to fishing. You will all enjoy their terrific fighting tendencies and the sheer number of bass that are available in the spring adds up to great fun.

Seasonal Patterns for Lake Mille Lacs, Smallmouth Bass  By: Jim DaRosa
Jim reviews proven seasonal patterns on Lake Mille Lacs Smallmouth Bass from Early Spring to Fall.

Plastics for Smallmouth Bass  By: Mike Mladenik
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With the exception of live bait plastics will put more bass in the boat than all other presentations combined. Most plastics are easy to rig and even novice anglers are able to catch fish after learning a few basic techniques. Over the years while guiding for both smallmouth and largemouth bass plastics have enabled us to catch fish through all kinds of weather conditions. A good plastics man will be able to change there presentation quickly and adapt to the conditions. Often just changing your presentation slightly will trigger more strikes. The secret is to learn how and when to use the proper presentation.

Fall River Smallmouth  By: Mike Mladenik
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To catch big smallmouth, you must fish the right water at the right time.

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A thorough investigation of any largemouth bass angler’s tackle box is sure to reveal a broad selection of spinnerbaits. These crazy safety pin shaped lures are among the deadliest largemouth bass lures of all time. They come in a variety of shapes, weights, sizes, and colors, plus they sport a wide range of skirt styles and blade configurations. They can be fished fast or slow as well as run high or low. They will catch fish in the shallowest thickest cover to the deepest drop-offs. Simply put, spinnerbaits are ultra versatile.

Reefin’ Summer Smallies By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
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Other fish might fight better, pound-for-pound, than smallmouth bass. We just don’t know of many.