Fishing Knots

Your fishing line is only as strong as the knot used to tie it. Over time all knots start to weaken in some degree.

The ability to tie a correct knot will save you from losing lures, bait as well as a fish. Listed below are good choices to learn and a few tips:

  • Always moisten the knot before snugging it up. This reduces the heat from friction that causes slight abrasions when you pull it tight.
  • When tying a knot give it a smooth strong pull to complete it on your lure, hook or leader. Don’t be timid about testing it with a couple good pulls. Better to know your knot is tied correctly than losing a big fish.
  • Always leave a little extra line before clipping the tag end after completing your knot some knots slip slightly. By leaving a little tag is good insurance that your knot is tied correctly.
  • Always retie your knot before a new trip and check your knot frequently when fishing, all knots will weaken with use.



Just click on any of the fishing knots below to view details about uses and how to tie them.

Arbor Knot
Spider Hitch
Palomar Knot
Dropper Loop Knot
Improved Clinch Knot
Albright Knot
Float Stop Knot
Surgeon’s Knot
Uni-to-Uni Knot
Snell Knot
Nail Knot
Trilene Knot
Blood Knot