Bluegill Fishing Tips & Articles

Bluegill Fishing Tips & Articles
Artwork provided by Rodd Umlauff

The popularity of the bluegill is easy to understand. For a child just learning how to fish, they are one of the easiest fish to catch. For a advanced angler trying to catch big bluegills is as much of a challenge as catching large bass or pike.

For those interested in fishing bluegills they put up a great fight on light tackle, and for those who enjoy eating fish, their sweet tasting meat is unsurpassed as table fare. The world record Bluegill is 4 pounds 12 ounces caught on Ketona Lake, Alabama in 1950

Here are some how to bluegill fish tips and articles in helping you catch more fishing bluegill:

Deadly Tactics for Early-Season Panfish By Spence Petros
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Nothing but ice for the last two months and it was driving me crazy. A recent spurt of warm weather had opened up a few tributaries that flowed into a local river, and reports of some nice bluegills and crappies being caught had filtered back to me. But that was a few days ago when a warm sun peaked out, now it was cold and windy. Regardless of conditions, I had to get out for an hour or two, the winter doldrums had taken their toll.

Panfish Tactics By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
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Everybody enjoys pint-sized fun in early spring and again in summer,chasing panfish-sunfish and crappies to be exact. Here are some simple tactics to hammer bull ‘gills and giant slabs.

The Ponds in Spring By Ted Takasaki and Scott Richardson
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Some anglers waste their early spring days twiddling their thumbs while waiting for word that the bite has begun at their favorite lake or “Walleye Opener”. But there’s no time like the present to explore smaller ponds nearer to home.

They are the first spots to turn on after winter leaves the Midwest, and many will host easy to catch species like crappies and bluegills.

Small Plastics for Big Panfish! By Tom Dietz
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While using artificial lures for panfish is certainly nothing new, the good news for anglers today is that there is such a wide variety of colors and styles to use.

Every good regional bait for crappies here in North Central Minnesota is called the Puddle Jumper. This lure glides through the water nicely when rigged on a jig head and it can also be fished effectively on a small jig spinner.